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Maxime Le Moing wanders somewhere in France. After organizing 5 editions of the Missed Film Festival and working for 10 years around mash-ups and cinematographic sound writing, he found a full-time job as a listening walker. This is how he decided since 2019 to untie himself from the image to develop improvised unidentified sound encounters in order to break down the barriers of music. Affiliated with the practice of market gardening and the experimental scene, he works in radio, writing, sound poetry, music and sound effects.

His creations are punctuated by the seasons: in winter, he leads workshops for young audiences in wandering and writing neolettrist onomatopoeias, in spring he records the sound of the photosynthesis of plants and develops a thesis entitled "nature prefers harsh-noise than classical music ”, in summer he wanders with his trumpet and his noisemaker's case to revive the dead spaces of the capitaloscene, in autumn he arranges roundabouts, wasteland and small woods to bring the free to taste. wandering one-night sexual encounters.